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Hello :)

What I do

I'm a graphic artist from Israel. Life is a celebration in my eyes; I play with shapes and colors to bring those frequencies of love, joy unity and freedom into visual form.

I studied graphic design at H.I.T and spent about a decade mastering various fields of the graphic design industry until later shifting deeper into artistic exploration in all sorts of tools and techniques.

Always curious, my day to day is an ongoing adventure - exploring inner and outer spaces, stillness and movement, spirit and matter, silence and sound. I am in close friendship with nature and also sing, dance, and dj 📀

If you have a project or dream of a joyful spirit that needs a visual expression, we can collaborate 🌈 


Contact me at ayeletra@gmail.com if you want to do something cool together, buy art or exchange ideas 💫

or Follow me on Instagram or Dribbble


"Light Pollution", Nightlight festival 5 TLV, December 2018
"Corridor Discourse", Pasáž TLV, October 2018 
"Out of the Bush", Office Gallery TLV, June 2018 

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