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Hey there 😀👋🏻 I'm an artist and graphic designer from Israel. I play with shapes and colors to create original, vibrant visuals for various purposes, including promotion art for events, commissioned illustrations, identity design, and art for art's sake - mainly about music, freedom & love - applied to everyday items which are offered here in my shop

I studied graphic design at H.I.T (Holon institute of Technology) and spent about a decade in the design industry practicing print, branding and UX; later shifting deeper into various artistic explorations, and nowadays combining the best of all worlds.

Always curious - I like to explore spaces, movements, and rhythms in matter and spirit. My other big passion is music - djing and creating original music with my life partner in a project called RA/RE - check out our music and videos.

Love to collaborate. Talk to me if you wanna do something cool together 🌈 ✌️✌️ 
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"Seeing Music", Ben Ami Gallery TLV, July 2023

"Light Pollution", Nightlight festival 5 TLV, December 2018
"Corridor Discourse", Pasáž TLV, October 2018 
"Out of the Bush", Office Gallery TLV, June 2018 

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