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About Me


Hello! I'm Ayelet, a visual creative from Tel Aviv, Israel πŸŒ† Curious about love, god, the universe and how everything connects πŸ’« I like to play and explore and constantly discover new ways of looking at the world πŸŽ±

I studied graphic design at H.I.T (Holon Institute of Technology) and spent about a decade practicing various fields of the graphic design industry πŸ“ until recently shifting my focus mainly towards art and illustration πŸ’–

My day to day is a meditation in various forms πŸŒΌ sitting in silence, joyfully roaming the streets of Tel Aviv, engaging in soulful conversations with friends and random strangers, dancing, singing and occasionally playing music for people πŸ’Ώ I also make mixtapes β™«β™ͺ♬

Contact me if you want to do interesting things together πŸ€— or just to say Hi πŸ‘‹

at ayeletra@gmail.com
or dribble / instagram and you can also find me on society6


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Society6 Art quarterly 4.1, March 2019
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"Out of the Bush", Office Gallery TLV, June 2018
"Corridor Discourse", PasΓ‘ΕΎ TLV, October 2018
"Light Pollution", Nightlight festival 5 TLV, December 2018

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