Ayelet Raziel Art

About Me


Hello! I'm Ayelet, a visual artist from Valley of Elah, Israel. Passionately bringing forward frequencies of love, joy and unity beyond duality 🌈 I like to play and explore and constantly discover new ways of looking at the world 🎱

I studied graphic design at H.I.T (Holon Institute of Technology) and spent about a decade practicing various fields of the graphic design industry, until recently shifting all my focus towards art and illustration 💖 working with various tools and techniques.

My day to day is a meditation in different forms 🌼 indoors and out, in stillness and movement, in silence and song, in solitude or together.  Love to cooperate with others in fields of spirit, music, nature and other curiosities. 

Contact me:  ayeletra@gmail.com


Longlisted artist at The AOI 2020 World Illustration Awards, April 2020

9 women illustrators to follow on dribbble, January 2019

Society6 Art quarterly 4.1, March 2019

Better than Plaster Artist Salon Interview, January 2020


"Out of the Bush", Office Gallery TLV, June 2018
"Corridor Discourse", Pasáž TLV, October 2018
"Light Pollution", Nightlight festival 5 TLV, December 2018

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