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Improvisations on an Ocean Call // 2019

Commissioned illustration for XPRIZE's Current Futures: A Sci-Fi Ocean Anthology, an online collection of original short stories and artwork in honor of 2019 World Oceans day, encouraging development innovations in marine exploration and conservation. The story, Improvisations on an Ocean Call, is about a futuristic marine musician, overcoming her past trauma to conduct a unique concert with the participation of an entire orchestra of deep sea creatures.

"...Our first livestreams focused on the meetings of the pods, but this year, we’re streaming a feed from the Bathypelagic at the same time as our whales and dolphins get into it. We discovered that the sonar greetings and the ensuing activity sometimes serve as a trigger for curious occupants of the deep. Plankton, marine fungi and fluorescent jellyfish erupt into a dance of lights that resembles how humans used to send fireworks up into the sky. With a little help from the Jellyfish pods, we hope to sustain the light show until the end of the entire concert."

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